Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Ubuntu App Showdown 1

Ok so last night I got a chance to talk with my friends about the specifics of the application and how it should work, I have digested the basic construction of an epub file and I have been fighting with Quickly.

Quickly is the suggested application development framework for use in the project, it's by no means mandatory, but it makes packaging up the code a hell of a lot easier once you do get round to that. Having got a backlogged autotools clear up to do another another project I am in no hurry to dive into another build system.

Anyway, today I shall be importing and exporting existing epub books and hopefully creating a epub project creation wizard, with that I can easily create the open project code too. This is all easy do do code that builds the basic user interaction with the software. I am tackling this first so I can have all the basic actions done and out the way so I can focus on the harder elements such as managing and switching between projects. I have previously left things such as this til the last moment and had to rush around at three in the morning to have basic's done, so I dont' want that to happen again, my attitude on this project is that if the complicated bits are not done, then it's not done. 

My big concern is the HTML editor/viewer that would be a part of the finished application and having something useful done within the time limits of the competition, however I am keeping positive and working away as quick as I can. 

And with that I shall leave you with some screenshots! These were thrown together on a non-ubuntu system as you can see, but it should give you enough of an idea until I can get something functional and pretty on my ubuntu system.

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